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We are cannabists who embrace a holistic lifestyle, powered by nature - from sun, moon, & leaf


Like many people, our first forays into cannabis were unanimously love at first puff. It’s hard not to be immediately infatuated with a plant that has the innate power to heal, inspire, and create a community.

Everyone tends to have their own personal relationship with cannabis, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes (or both) – but regardless, cannabis is for all of us. 

Lit By Leaf was made to celebrate it all, with thoughtfully created products and positive vibes inspired by cannabis


“Cannabis is medicine with a dash of fun.” – Amanda Jones


Cannabis has been our cure, and we believe mixing medicine with fun is what it’s all about.

There's nothing wrong with being healthy and (sometimes) high - because healing is best when you're smiling.

As cannabists, we look at consumption just like everything else... in moderation. 

We are determined to help end the negative connotation with consuming cannabis. Coffee, caffeine, and alcohol are all technically psychoactive substances, yet rarely receive backlash. Cannabis, the one with a diverse range of therapeutic benefits (and can even be used without getting “high”), continues to struggle with image.

Our mission is to advocate and celebrate the power of the plant, by promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle lit by leaf.