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Why Hemp Wick is Better for Your Health (and Your High)

why hemp wick is better for your health and your high

Ditch the Butane and Try Hemp Wick 

If you have never given a second thought about lighting up your bowl, joint, or blunt with a regular butane lighter, you’re not alone. However, once you try hemp wick and understand its health benefits (as well as the many ways it makes your cannabis experience more enjoyable), you will likely never want to go back to using a lighter.

What is hemp wick?

Hemp wick consists of natural hemp fibers coated with beeswax. There are many types of hemp wick available on the market, but for MMJ use as well as anyone seeking the cleanest consumption option, organic hemp wick is the best choice. 

Benefits of hemp wick

So why is hemp wick better than a lighter? There are a few reasons, but namely the most important is that hemp wicks are inherently safer than butane lighters.

  • Hemp wick is healthier for the lungs and body

When using a regular lighter, you are inhaling residual butane and noxious gases. These immediately enter the bloodstream and cut off oxygen to blood cells. This can lead to potentially serious short-term and chronic health issues, including brain and organ damage, liver damage, seizures, and even death, according to various reports published by the US National Library of Medicine. Further, the Center for Disease Control notes other undesirable side effects of improper butane exposure, including drowsiness, asphyxia and narcosis.

A hemp wick not only eliminates butane and gas carcinogens, but also flint powder – another undesirable byproduct of conventional lighters. The slower, lower temperature burn of hemp wick also allows for a gentler intake that offers a much smoother smoke experience that is also better on the lungs.

  • Hemp wick offers a superior taste, medical efficacy, and a better “high”

True cannabis connoisseurs appreciate the flavor and aroma of their fine grade herb. Using a butane lighter (which burns much hotter than a hemp wick) is essentially combustion overkill for your bud, says MassRoots. The intense heat from a lighter eliminates the majority of the terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis.

Terpenes and cannabinoids not only provide the distinct fragrance of different strains but also contribute to many of their beneficial medicinal as well as recreational effects, such as relaxation, pain relief, and euphoric psychoactive effects, according to Leafly. By using a hemp wick, you are helping to maintain the integrity of your cannabis, which helps to preserve taste as well as amplify its intended effects.

As an added bonus, using a hemp wick provides greater control due to its smaller flame – making it ideal for cornering a bowl for a smaller dose or hit.

How to use a hemp wick

Using a hemp wick is quick and easy. Simply light a small candle and use it to light your wick to avoid all possible butane and chemical contamination with your flower. To extinguish, wave rapidly or use your fingers to snuff. You can relight as often as needed from your candle throughout your session. Sustainably sourced organic hemp wick is very efficient and economical, and a little goes a long way.

Our pick? Humboldt Hemp Wick® from Humbolt Traders is made domestically from 100% organic, renewable hemp fibers and 100% beeswax from their own hives in Humboldt County, California – plus they offer a free sample on their website (just pay S&H).

why hemp wick is better for your health and high than a butane lighter

Depending on your preferred smoking apparatus, there are a variety of lengths and flame widths (from “fine” to “thick”) to choose from. For most users, a “full” flame offers enough light to effectively use both indoors and outdoors, and suits most needs.

The one minor downside to using hemp wick

The only notable shortcoming of hemp wick is that you still need a lighter or match to get a flame going – so don’t toss your Bic just yet! However, the benefits far outweigh this small issue.