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Using Cannabis to Get Lit Within

Cannabis has a widely variable range of use, from recreational to medicinal. Its medicinal sect can also be broken down into many further therapeutic uses, from physical healing to intangible emotional and spiritual benefits.  

Debating whether cannabis has greater benefit towards either spectrum is purely subjective, as each individual’s cannabis use and experience is uniquely their own. For many MMJ users who use cannabis for reasons such as chronic pain or anxiety, relieving these symptoms allows the mind to be able to focus again on thoughts beyond the sometimes limiting physical or emotional realm.

This blog is simply intended to illuminate some of the various aspects of conscious cannabis consumption. The name “Lit By Leaf” was actually inspired by the empowering and life-changing ways that cannabis sparks light within us if we choose to use it in such a way.

Cannabis and yoga

While combining cannabis and yoga may seem like a relatively new practice popularized namely on the West Coast, it actually has ancient Indian roots, according to Yoga Journal. Cannabis has long been revered as a sacred plant medicine, alleviating physical pains as well as releasing daily worries to allow the body/mind to connect to a literal higher dimension of self-awareness and spiritual introspection. In today’s hectic and stressful society, cannabis may be the ideal way to truly unwind and sink into a yoga practice.

Each pose or asana may feel more organic, the “monkey mind” may relax and seem clearer, and the chakras may be opened and aligned in an entirely new and enlightening way when combined with cannabis consumption. Many yogis report heightened physical sensations during ganja yoga practice as well.  

Most yogis are familiar with the Sanskrit term “drishti”, or focusing of your gaze on a single point. Drishti is often used during balance poses, but it can also be used off the mat. For instance, drishti can be more than a literal spot on the floor – it can even be about setting your intention to focus on holistic health. Whether in yoga practice or in life (as the two are often so intertwined), using cannabis as your guide and figurative drishti can help re-evaluate areas of the body and mind that need nurturing, healing, and attention.

Cannabis for clarity, vision, or creativity

“Conscious cannabis” is a phrase that refers to using cannabis for greater spiritual awakening or mind-expanding purposes, beyond just the recreational high or medicinal need of various symptom relief. It is about consuming cannabis to help connect to a higher self to ultimately achieve greater clarity, vision, or creativity – or a combination of all three. From musicians to authors, cannabis is often a common thread between creators of artistic works of all forms.

According to Psychology Today, cannabis consumption can lead to greater patterns of divergent thinking, which allows for the generation of novel ideas and new associations. Experts refer to this personality trait to be “openness to experience”.

With limited documented scientific studies, it is inconclusive whether or not cannabis actually inspires creativity, or whether creative people are just naturally more drawn to consume. Nevertheless, the lengthy list of famous creators who claim to have been inspired to manifest their best works while using cannabis makes it hard to refute that  cannabis can help provoke creative thoughts, despite limited actual “evidence” on the subject.

Cannabis and spiritual practice and/or meditation

Cannabis has documented use in formal spiritual practices in many different religious sects, including Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, and Rastafarians, according to Bodhi Tree. For all, there seems to be a general overlapping theme of clearing and opening the mind, either for prayer or meditation. Prayer and meditation are obviously highly personal and mean different things for each individual based on their own unique upbringing and beliefs. However, for anyone open to exploring the deeper connection that cannabis can bring, it can be a highly elevating experience.

There are many ways to combine cannabis and meditation besides engaging in a stationary cross-legged lotus position on the floor. Moving meditation outdoors while running or walking, or using various instruments for a vibroacoustic meditative experience such as gongs, drums, Tibetan singing bowls, or tuning forks, are also great options for people who have difficulty sitting still. Check out this post for more information on getting started with meditation.  

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