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The Pechoti Method: Administering Cannabis through the Belly Button

the Pechoti method

Cannabis is such a versatile wonder plant – you can vape it, smoke it, ingest it, bath bomb with it, slather it on sore spots and even put it in your belly button. Wait – what? While many people are familiar with topical applications of some sort, the Pechoti method refers back to the ancient Ayurveda tradition of putting oil in the belly button for medicinal purposes.

How does the Pechoti method work?

The Pechoti method is named after the gland located behind the belly button. It is said to be an effective cannabis administration technique because of the thousands of veins that run directly through the belly button and throughout the entire body, according to naturopath and registered master herbalist Dr. Lakisha Jenkins, as reported to High Times.

The principle makes sense – humans receive all nutrition through the belly button during fetal development, and the Pechoti gland remains even after the umbilical cord is cut. Further, the stomach contains many cannabinoid receptors, and therefore this Ayurvedic intake via the belly button allows systemic absorption to occur all through the body. When applied this way, the cannabis is non-psychoactive, making it a good option for those seeking relief without compromising functioning.

Does it really work?

belly button cannabis delivery

Since research is limited, effectiveness of the Pechoti method is unknown. Like many other alternative medicines, this does not mean that it is NOT effective – there is just little if any clinical research to support it. Many holistic practices have been in effect for thousands of years, with known benefits to health.

Ayurvedic principles follow a holistic approach to health with a focus on achieving and maintaining balance through a strong body-mind connection, according to the Ayurvedic Institute.

As many medicial cannabis consumers know, a balanced endocannabinoid system is critical for overall health and wellness. The Pechoti method may therefore be a beneficial and complementary addition to other forms of medicinal cannabis consumption.

How to try it

Be sure to thoroughly clean the belly button before using oil, and only use organic CBD oil extraction (tested for purity) for maximum safety and efficacy. If pregnant or suffering from any serious health condition, ask a doctor before use.

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