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Lung health matters: 5 reasons why you should use a smoke filter

mooselabs smoke filter and mouthpeace

Whether you are a medical marijuana patient or just consume cannabis recreationally, everyone can benefit from better lung health. While there are many ways to consume cannabis that can reduce the risk of ingesting resins, toxins, and tar, no method is completely foolproof.

From controversial health and safety concerns regarding vape pens (with mostly black market inferior quality pens to blame) to contaminated cannabis, being an aware and informed consumer is more important than ever to ensure the safest and healthiest cannabis use.

Product review: The Moose Labs MouthPeace® and filter

Cannabis smokers tend to inhale more deeply compared to cigarette smokers, leading to greater exposure to tar and other contaminants, according to the American Lung Association. So whether you're smoking flower or shatter, your lung health matters! 

Developed over 16 month of research and development, the Moose Labs MouthPeace filters utilize a doctor-recommended, triple-layer activated carbon filter that sanitizes smoke/vapor and enhances flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar – without blocking THC/CBD or reducing airflow.

The sleek design provides a universal fit for all size pipes, joints/blunts, and vapes – making this smoke filter system a great addition for almost any way you choose to consume. The cured silicone also provides excellent germ protection when sharing bongs and vapes.

Besides providing a healthier smoking/vaping experience, the Moose Labs filters and packaging are environmentally-friendly and made of biodegradable and recycled materials.

5 reasons to try a Moose Labs MouthPeace and filter

  1. Easy to use – small, break-proof and easily portable, conveniently stash your Mouthpeace in your bag and sesh anywhere on the go.
  2. Easy to clean – simply use soap and water to clean the silicone mouthpiece, and toss your used filters into the recycling bin (they’re made of biodegradable materials).
  3. Affordable – it’s recommended to change your filter after approximately 1 gram of flower or shatter use – making each filter cost just pennies per use.
  4. Versatile – the cured silicone mouthpiece is designed for a universal fit so you can use it however you like with various glassware, joints, blunts, etc.
  5. Smooth, effective hits – enjoy cough-free hits, as the triple-layer activated carbon filter provides a tasty, smooth smoke/vapor plus enhances flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar – without blocking THC/CBD or reducing airflow.

before after filter use

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Disclosure: Lit By Leaf received a complimentary Mouthpeace in exchange for this review. However, loved it so much, quickly became a customer!