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Chronic Pain, Cannabis, & Curable

"The only way out is through." - Jung

For many MMJ users living with chronic pain, cannabis is life-changing at alleviating symptoms. However, during intense flare-ups, sometimes even our ideal go-to medicines aren’t enough to fully diminish deeply rooted pain. Further, ongoing pain can to lead to or exacerbate other conditions, such as depression – making it even more difficult to break the pain cycle. As a result, many people turn to complimentary health practices, such as yoga (ganja yoga!), meditation, acupuncture, etc.

The Curable app is the first of its kind to offer a new and unique way to manage chronic pain of all forms, including migraines, joint pain, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and more. For anyone seeking to adhere to a natural and holistic approach to wellness, this app might be an ideal addition for symptom management. Especially for medicinal cannabis users or anyone using other supplements, there is no risk of contraindications, making it safe for all ages. Like any health practice, Curable does encourage all users to consult with their doctor before use.

Disclaimer: Lit By Leaf received a three month complimentary trial of the Curable app. At this time, Curable is currently offering all new users a one month risk-free trial. For details, visit

How Curable Works

According to the experts at Curable, worldwide research has shown evidence that the brain plays a major role in the persistence of physical pain. As a result, Curable offers various brain “exercises” that may help to “re-train” the brain, or “reverse” the cycle of pain.

A little more from Curable on how it works:

Curable’s scientific advisory team of physicians, in conjunction with years of compiled research, have created a therapy program designed to treat pain at a biopsychosocial level. This approach addresses pain from multiple angles, including physical, psychological, and emotional.

The complex connection between the brain and body can be especially apparent when previous methods of relieving pain (like a vape session or an edible) just don’t always cut the pain. This can be especially true when there are compounding factors involved, such as a highly depressed mood, external stressors, or even monthly hormonal changes. Further, with regards to ongoing and recurrent pain, the brain, nervous system, and body often become stuck in a painful cycle. The biopsychosocial-based approach via the Curable app provides a way of recognizing and identifying triggers as well as offers various ways to help stop the pain cycle.

The App in Action

Getting started with Curable is easy. All that is needed is an internet connection, and either a computer, tablet, or smartphone (iPhone or Android). Curable also syncs across devices, so there is flexibility to do lessons from bed or the couch, or even on a break at work.


 ­After a brief introduction and Q&A to help the app personalize the experience, users are guided through to choose from a variety of different exercise options. This preference ability can be especially helpful to sticking with the therapy program as well as allowing users to discover activities they might not have considered previously, such as writing exercises.

In addition, for many, setting aside 30 minutes a day or more to devout to uninterrupted pain management is just not always realistic with a hectic schedule. With variable choice exercises, you have the flexibility to do a 5 minute session, or 20 minutes, or however long you choose.

There is even an option to calm and ground yourself during an especially intense pain flare with a few deep breaths – which can be used as an activity in itself, or before going into an exercise.

The breathwork exercise in the app may seem incredibly simple, yet is an incredibly useful tool to learn. Breathwork can not only help ease anxiety and stress, but it can also serve as a basic foundation for beginning a regular meditation practice. Much like using a mantra, using breaths to ground and connect (especially when used in conjunction with a sedating indica) can be nearly instant cannabliss.

Sample exercises

Here’s an example of an exercise, which came with both an audio and transcripted version about adopting a gratitude practice. According to the app, establishing regular practice of gratitude throughout everyday living can not only mitigate pain, but it also can help depression, low self esteem, anxiety, and more.

“[Gratitude] helps to activate the stress-relieving and pain-relieving areas of your brain, unlocking your body’s internal pharmacy and helping you to heal faster.”–Curable

Here’s another exercise that serves as a great reminder that selfcare isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for complete health. This includes making time for joy. Combine this with your favorite cannabis of choice – and create a new ritual that you look forward to scheduling.

While the app isn’t intended to replace professional therapy, it can still provide help when in-person expert advice isn’t accessible. Its convenience and customizable options are also a big plus. Our overall opinion? It's definitely worth a try. You will likely learn at least a few new techniques that you can continue to use, even if you decide to cancel after the trial period ends.  

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