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Cannabis & Meditation: The Perfect Combination

If you have cannabis, what do you need meditation for? Yes, cannabis can be the ideal way to get into a relaxed state. However, even a basic meditation practice can be an incredible way to compliment your daily cannabis routine and offer lots of health benefits.

Do these Top 3 Myths about Meditating sound familiar?

  • MYTH #1: I don't need to meditate, I use cannabis to clear my mind.
  • TRUTH #1: Meditation can be a great complimentary practice to using cannabis, as both can offer tons of health benefits.
  • MYTH #2: I don't have time.
  • TRUTH #2: Meditation doesn't have to be time-consuming. Experts say just 10 minutes a day can be effective, but even 5-minute or 2-minute practices can make a difference if you practice regularly.
  • MYTH #3: I tried meditating, and it didn't work for me.
  • TRUTH #3: Meditation CAN be intimidating. However, it can also be as simple as repeating a mantra, or short phrase. More on this below…


As we head into the hectic holiday season (and beyond), adding even a short meditation practice into your routine can help:

...and much more. 
And who can't benefit from all THAT?

Getting Started Meditating

Meditation is well known for so many health benefits, from reducing stress to improving immune health and much, much more. However, learning how to meditate is often easier said than done. When anyone first begins meditating, sitting still can be enough of a challenge, let alone learning to let thoughts come and go. While experienced meditators can practice anywhere, beginners may have the best results by setting up a dedicated meditation “zone” within the home. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate or large space, even the corner of a bedroom or living room is fine as long as it is a distraction-free zone. Some people may even prefer to bring their practice outdoors.

In any case, prepare with a quiet space, a comfortable meditation cushion, incense and/or candles, for a truly restorative experience.

Can’t Meditate? Try a Mantra

Many of us have heard of mantras – but haven’t actually ever really used one. Mantra is actually derived from two Sanskrit words, “mana”– meaning mind, and “tra” – meaning tool.  Studies have shown how this aptly named “mind tool” can effectively help eliminate the “chatter” of the mind.

Yogis may be familiar with using mantras in class, often “om”. However, using them in everyday life as part of a mantra meditation practice can be quite another awkward and unnatural.

Most mantras are short so they’re easy to remember and say repeatedly. It is said that mantras can also be effective regardless of origin, or whether you use a single word or a short phrase. Sanskrit mantras, like “om shanti” and “so hum”, are commonly used in the yoga community, so many people feel familiarity with them and thus practicing with them can be easier.

Some people prefer getting into meditation mantras using mala beads and repeating their chosen mantra 108 times, per the japa meditation practice. However, like any other meditation practice, mantra meditation is highly personal, and it’s great to try different variations to see which one resonates with you.

Regardless of the number of mantra repetitions you do or whether you practice for ten minutes or an hour, mantra meditation makes it easier to concentrate. Whenever your mind starts to drift, simply shift back to repeating the mantra. Over time, this practice becomes much easier.

 If a mantra isn't for you, check out one of the many apps available that can offer guided meditation practices.